Knik House is a transitional living facility located in the Mat-Su Valley.

We implement a Christ centered, life transformation model designed to successfully rehabilitate people and families in need.

It is our desire that residents learn the underlying issues leading to their current crisis, while identifying new, healthy ways of coping with these challenges.

We take a holistic approach in helping people obtain the skills, education and resources they need to get their lives back to stability and independence.

We believe that by providing the people we serve with the training they need to achieve their life goals, their chance of positive change and self sustainability greatly increases.

Benefits for Residents

  • Safe, structured living environment
  • Training in coping skills
  • Recovering with other individuals affected by similar challenges
  • Vocational resources and case management

Goals for Residents:

  • Learning how to function on a daily basis in a productive manner
  • Identifying and successfully coping with triggers
  • Finding other healthy individuals to ask for help
  • Repairing damaged relationships with others

Our Purpose:
Loving people with the same love and mercy we have received! Giving people housing, food and resources so they can focus on moving from homelessness to stable independence.

Our Objective:
Providing transitional housing to men, women, single parents and the re-entry population in the Mat-Su Valley. Empowering people to develop life and work skills that result in a sustainable and healthy life.

Transitional Living Program

Knik House is a solution-based, goal orientated program that brings solutions to chronic homelessness, poverty, and crisis. We are a community focused program designed to house and rehabilitate people in housing transition and crisis.

​We provide a safe, stable, sober, faith-based environment for at risk people who are in housing crisis. Including shelter, food, education, referrals, strategic planning and respect.

Our 1-18 Month Program Offers:

• Referrals for services
• Sober living
​​​• Addiction support
• Tenant etiquette
•  Affordable housing

• Strategic planning to accomplish life goals
• Housekeeping
• Parenting skills
• Life-skills

• Employment skills
• Individualized strategic plan
• Case management
• Assistance with transitioning into permanent sustainable housing

Contact Knik House with any questions
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Mailing Address:

7362 W. Parks Highway
Wasilla, AK 99623

Phone (907) 357-0391
Fax (907) 357-0392


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